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Due to the Corona Pandemic the following applies until further notice:
Contact in all matters is only possible preferably by mail (or by phone if necessary). The mail address is usually [surname] The contact person will then coordinate the further procedure with you.

Please also note the latest information from SIC and the university.

Applications concerning the free shot regulation or for the repetition of the examination for the purpose of improving marks

The so-called "Corona Order", which provides, among other things, for the possibility of a free pass in examinations or for repeat examinations for the purpose of improving grades, in each case with a justified application, has come into force. Applications must be sent to the responsible examination board via this e-mail address only: must also use your official student email address as the sender. This is the only way to ensure a clear assignment in connection with your name. To protect us from spam, all other sender addresses will not be processed. Furthermore, only the course of studies and degree (e.g. "Media Informatics Master") must be stated in the subject line. Applications should be submitted informally, but according to the Corona regulations the examination board expects to know about the reasons for your application.

!Do not submit applications until the final exam results are available!

Concerns only the Bachelor's and Master's programmes in Computer Science: Applications regarding the free shot regulation must be submitted within 2 weeks after announcement of the examination results.

All other Emails to this address are not processed!

Submission of theses:
Classroom teaching and study will not take place in order to counteract the further spread of the coronavirus. Examinations that require the student’s attendance at the university are only permitted after prior approval and under strict conditions. In urgent individual cases, the examiners may decide in agreement with the students concerned whether an oral examination may be conducted via video conference. The common commercial systems can also be used for this purpose. The examination offices are required to adjust the processing times of ongoing qualification papers (such as term papers, Bachelor's thesis, Master's thesis, state examination thesis) accordingly. Students can apply for an extension of the deadline at the Examination Secretariat because of the reason (corona pandemic).The examination board or its chairperson will decide.However, you can be certain that, because of the very difficult situation, decisions will be made complaisantly. Please contact the examination office.

For submission of the printed copies use mail (Deutsche Post, post stamp = submission date) or the book return box at the library (E2 3).

To submit the electronic version, please write an e-mail to your contact person and your first and second reviewers and attach the thesis in PDF format, or use a suitable cloud service (for computer science students the cloud service of the cs department is recommended) and share a link with your contact person and reviewers via e-mail.


Due to the Corona Crisis no graduation ceremonies will  take place until further notice!

 Welcome to our new website for the joint examination offices of all faculites of Natural Sciences and Technology!

You will find on our website all information to study- and examination regulations, forms, How-To's and the coordinates for our staff concerning your courses of study.



Due to the shutdown of Saarland University:

The first contact in all matters is now only possible by email or telephone. Use a direct email to the person, who is in charge for your study program: <Surname> this you will be informed about the further procedure.

Please also note the latest information from SIC and the university.


Building E1.3 Room 202


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In order to protect you and our staff and to help to contain the corona virus, from now on the MINT examination office will only offer personal consultation if it is absolutely necessary.

The first contact in all matters is now only possible by email or telephone. After this you will be informed about the further procedure.






Informations of the Faculty MI on how to use third party results in your own thesis are available here.

Hints of the Faculty NT to avoid plagiarism can be found here.