International recognition

Recognition of studies and examinations from another university in Germany or abroad:

  1. A written request is to be made to the Chairman of the Examination Commitee for the particular field of study to obtain recognition and classification in a higher semester.
  2. If recognition is required for a foreign study, certified copies of certificates and examination results are to be attached.

Submission of Vouchers:

Vouchers do not need to be submitted in person. They can be placed in the Examination office mail box (located in E1.3, room 2.02 at the glas door ).



Submission of the Master´s thesis

Submission of the Diploma / Master´s thesis:

Four copies are to be submitted the Examination office. When submitting  a AMASE Master thesis, the appropriate completed form should also be included.

From the copies of the thesis, the first assessor is to receive two copies, the second, one copy and the fourth copy forms a part of the examination file and remains in the Examination office (archive).

The Diploma thesis must include a sworn statement, the text of wich in the relevant examination regulations. 

In the event that you are not able to meet the deadline, please make a request for an extension of time with the endorsement from the subject authority and submit to the Examination office.

Registration for Master´s thesis

Registration for Master´s thesis:

If you want to submit your thesis, please come to the Examination office in office hours with the completed form.

The form must first be stamped by the Examination office. You should then take the stamped form to your supervisor. He will sign it and send it back to the Examination office.